New Pill of Knowledge from the Pediatric and Primary Lymphedema WG – Lymphedema from a Child’s Perspective

A new Pill of Knowledge (PoK) video entitled Lymphedema from a child’s perspective is now available! This video was created by andLINFA (The National Association of Sufferers of Lymphatic Disorders – Portugal) and validated by members of the Pediatric and Primary Lymphedema (PPL) Working Group during one of their group sessions at VASCERN Days 2019.

The video features a testimonial by Leonor, an 8-year-old Portuguese girl with lymphedema who doesn’t let her rare disease diagnosis stop her from living life to the fullest! It is meant for children with PPL or anyone interested in learning about this rare condition from a child’s point of view.

The video is in Portuguese but subtitles are available in English, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German and French thanks to the kind contribution of PPL patient advocates from the VASCERN ePAG, who supplied the translations in their native languages.

We hope you will share this video in order to raise awareness for PPL and so that Leonor’s story can inspire other children with a rare disease.

You can find additional PoK videos from the PPL WG on the VASCERN website, under the Pills of Knowledge page here or the PPL WG page here. or directly on the Pediatric and Primary Lymphedema Working Group (PPL-WG) Playlist on our Youtube channel here

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