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VASCERN Summer School – ERASMUS+

This year, VASCERN launched its 1st edition of the European Summer School on rare vascular diseases.

⦿ What is the VASCERN Summer School

The VASCERN Summer School is an educational activity that aims to train young doctors on the subject of rare vascular diseases, as well as to perpetuate and expand the network’s objectives to the new generation of healthcare professionals in Europe.

⦿ How is it organized?

The organization of the VASCERN Summer School has received financial support from the ERASMUS+ Blended Intensive Program (BIP). The BIP requires the combination of physical mobility with a virtual component. Therefore, the VASCERN Summer School will consist of a part on site and a part online. The full course is equivalent to 3 ECTS. All courses will be taught by our experts in rare vascular diseases and patient representatives.

⦿ When and where will it take place?

  • The online module of the VASCERN Summer School will last for a total of 15 weeks, from February 5 to May 17, 2024.


  • The on-site part of the VASCERN Summer School will take place in Paris from September 23 to 28, 2024.
Apply for the 1st Edition of the VASCERN Summer School on Rare Vascular Diseases! 1

⦿ Can I participate? If yes, how do I apply?

If you want to learn more about rare vascular diseases and you are a medical student (undergraduate, masters or PhD level) or an intern at a European university, you are eligible to participate in the VASCERN Summer School.

Application for the VASCERN summer school 2024 is CLOSED!

⦿ Where do I find the program?

The full program of the onsite and online Summer School is available here.

For additional information, please refer to the Candidate Information Booklet and the VASCERN Summer School Flyer. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at erasmus@vascern.eu.

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