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EU Trainings

Here, explore training courses provided by the European Union (EU) that are relevant to healthcare professionals, researchers, and patient advocates interested in rare diseases. Our goal is to enhance knowledge, foster collaboration, and promote best practices across Europe.

In order to follow the course:

🢡 Firstly, you will need to create an EU login account, in case you do not have one yet:

  • Go to the EU login landing page: EU Login.
  • Click on Create Account.
  • On the page that opens up, fill in the required information: First Name, Last Name, E-Mail and Verification Code.
  • Click on Create an account. 

🢡 Once the account is created, the next step is to login and link a mobile phone to the account to be able to receive verification codes for double factor authentication.

🢡 Once this is done, the EU Academy is prepared to be used:

  • Login to https://academy.europa.eu.
  • Search for the course: Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Click Resume
  • Follow the course


EU Trainings 1

Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines

The course “Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines” is already available in the EU Academy of the European Commission. This training has been developed within the framework of the ERN Guideline Programme and it pursues improving the capability of ERNs healthcare professionals, CPGs developers and expert panel members to develop, appraise and implement ERN CPGs and CDSTs in an effective and efficient manner.

Access the course here: https://academy.europa.eu/courses/development-of-clinical-practice-guidelines-course 

The European Commission has developed a Quick Guide in February 2024 which summarizes the course on Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines. You can find the quick guide here: https://health.ec.europa.eu/publications/european-reference-network-clinical-practice-guidelines-and-clinical-decision-support-tools_en


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