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About the VASCERN Exchange Program

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What is the VASCERN Exchange Program?

The VASCERN Exchange Program is a unique opportunity for short-term mobility and exchange aimed at healthcare professionals within the European Reference Networks (ERNs). This initiative focuses on the enhancement of clinical knowledge and practices. It is not designed for research purposes.


The program aims to enrich the medical community through two primary objectives:

  1. Medical Knowledge Improvement: By offering training opportunities, we help healthcare professionals to elevate their expertise.
  2. Best Practices Sharing: This involves the organization of multidisciplinary teams (MDT) to foster improved medical care, management, and operational efficiency across our partner centers.

Who can participate?

  • Are you an Affiliated Partner or a Full Member of VASCERN?
  • You can participate yourself or nominate a junior colleague from your center for training.
  • Participants can travel individually or in groups, although each individual is considered one package.

Program Details

  • Where to Visit? Participants can visit an expert at another center within VASCERN or another ERN. Please note that travels outside of the EU are not supported.
  • Duration & Funding: Each package allows for four days of exchange. VASCERN coordinates all travel and accommodation arrangements, so you don’t need to worry about booking these. Expenses for local transport and meals are to be initially covered by participant but are reimbursable upon submission of necessary receipts and documents (details provided here).
  • Availability: There are 42 packages available, with the program running until September 2027.

How to Participate

  • Interested in hosting? Fill out the blue cells in the Program Exchange Proposal Form and await responses.
  • Interested in visiting? Check available programs and dates, fill out the yellow cells, and email your CV to VASCERN coordination team (vascern.coordination@aphp.fr) if you are not a VASCERN expert.
  • Registration for a colleague: If they don’t have access to Teams, you can register on their behalf.

Validation Process

  • Both the host and the guest must agree on the program details and complete the green cells in the form. Approval is then sought from your working group chair and the ERN coordinator.

Special Cases

For visits to other ERN centers, please directly contact the VASCERN coordination team via email.

After the Exchange

  1. Both the host and the traveller will be asked to complete a survey to gather feedback on their experience.
  2. Participants may be interviewed by the VASCERN Coordination Team to share their experiences on our social media platforms and website. We encourage you to share photos from your travel!
  3. A certificate of participation is available upon request from the VASCERN coordination team.

For more information, click here.

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