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Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS)

For Healthcare Professionals, NOT Members of VASCERN

If you are a medical doctor not affiliated with VASCERN but want to discuss a complex case with VASCERN experts using the Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS), please initiate the process by contacting your national centre, which participates in VASCERN. They can facilitate the discussion within CPMS if necessary.

In case your country lacks a national centre in VASCERN, feel free to contact the helpdesk directly.

1. You will to send a mail to VASCERN Helpdesk at cpms.vascern@aphp.fr

  • In your email, please answer the following questions:

– What is the rare disease (if diagnosed) for which you would like to consult VASCERN’s experts?
– If undiagnosed, could you please describe the problem?
– What is the issue with this specific case and what are the problems identified?
– What is your specialty?
– Is the patient already followed in your center?
– Country
– Is it an urgent case?

2. Once we receive your request, we will assess whether we are the right ERN for the case. If so, you will receive a secure link to provide any supporting documents such as case overview, files and images relevant to the case. See video – Secure Link using HCP Anywhere

3. If you want to participate in the panel discussions, you will receive technical instructions to how to gain CPMS access. Please note that, this is only a temporary access that is valid for 90 days.

4. During the process the VASCERN Helpdesk will be in touch with any assistance and requirements.

***Please note that if a national center from your country is already member of VASCERN, they are the first line of referral and should be contacted first.

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