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Goals and Expertise

Goals for the future

At VASCERN, we understand the unique challenges faced by individuals with rare vascular diseases. These conditions often present complex diagnostic dilemmas, limited treatment options, and a lack of specialized expertise. By uniting the efforts of healthcare professionals and patients, we are forging ahead to create a brighter future for rare vascular disease patients across Europe.

Our Goals for the Future:

  1. Expand our coverage to all EU countries: Our first goal is to ensure that patients across all European Union (EU) countries have access to high-quality care for rare vascular diseases. We are actively working to expand our network’s coverage to include healthcare professionals and expert centers in every EU country. By establishing collaborations and partnerships with healthcare providers throughout the EU, we aim to bridge the geographical gaps in specialized care and ensure that no patient is left without appropriate diagnosis, treatment, or follow-up.
  2. Setup European registries of patients with rare vascular diseases: To further advance our understanding of rare vascular diseases, we are dedicated to setting up European registries that systematically collect and store relevant data from patients across the EU. These registries will serve as comprehensive repositories of information, providing valuable insights into the prevalence, natural history, clinical manifestations, and treatment outcomes of rare vascular diseases. By consolidating data from diverse sources, we can facilitate research, support evidence-based decision-making, and ultimately improve patient care on a pan-European scale.
  3. Favor research projects: Research is paramount to enhancing our knowledge, developing new treatments, and improving outcomes for patients with rare vascular diseases. As part of our goals, we actively support and favor research projects focused on these conditions. We strive to promote collaboration among clinicians, and patient organizations, fostering innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to tackle the challenges posed by rare vascular diseases. By encouraging research initiatives, we aim to advance our understanding of the underlying mechanisms, discover new therapeutic targets, and ultimately improve the lives of patients affected by these conditions.

These goals represent our dedication to addressing the unmet needs of individuals across the EU, driving progress, and making a lasting impact on the rare vascular disease community.

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