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Experts & Centers

At the core of VASCERN’s mission lies our unparalleled network of experts and centers (HCPs)—the heartbeat of our network. This dedicated page is your portal to the specialists and institutions across Europe that stand at the forefront of vascular medicine. Our collective expertise and commitment to excellence are what enable VASCERN to offer cutting-edge care, innovative research, and comprehensive support to patients and families affected by vascular diseases.

Meet Our Experts: Discover the healthcare professionals whose knowledge, skills, and dedication are shaping the future of rare vascular diseases. Our experts are leaders in their fields, contributing groundbreaking research, innovative treatments, and compassionate care.

Explore Our Centers: Tour our network of specialized centers, each recognized for its excellence in patient care, research, and education. These centers are not just locations but hubs of hope, healing, and discovery for patients and their families.

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