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Transversal Working Groups

Our Transversal Working Groups are composed of clinicians, patient representatives and members of the VASCERN coordination team that work collaboratively on specific projects related to the network’s activities.

We have six Transversal Working Groups.

  • Communication Advisory Taskforce fosters exchange of knowledge and ideas to promote awareness of rare vascular diseases and the importance of early diagnosis and appropriate treatment using several communication tools.
  • Ethics Working Group provides guidance on ethical issues related to the network.
  • Pregnancy Working Group focuses on issues related to the diagnosis and management of rare vascular diseases during pregnancy.
  • Patient Registry Working Group is concerned with developing patient registries for rare vascular diseases across our disease working groups and ensuring that existing registries are accessible using the FAIR principles.
  • Education Working Group focuses on promoting interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and collaboration across our disease working groups to improve the knowledge and understanding of rare vascular diseases.
  • Psychology Working Group is focused on addressing the intricate psychological aspects of rare diseases within our network.

You can explore the Transversal Working Groups that make up our network by clicking the picture below.

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