The VASCERN Psychology Working Group (WG) is a transversal WG of VASCERN striving to address the intricate psychological aspects of rare diseases within our network. This group brings together psychologists, clinicians, and patient representatives to delve into the unique challenges posed by rare vascular diseases.

The group meets approximately 2 to 4 times a year tailored to the availability and needs of the WG and aligning with ongoing projects. The objectives of this group are to


  • Develop resources to train young doctors and students on effective communication during patient diagnosis.
  • Facilitate role-plays and workshops to enhance practical skills and understanding.
  • Organize support groups to foster a sense of community and emotional support.
  • Create comprehensive guidelines, such as those related to the theme of transition, to aid in patient care.
  • Develop quality of life measurements, or adopt existing ones to assess and improve the quality of life for individuals with rare vascular diseases.
  • Launch informative webinars on pertinent topics like transition, psychological support, and patient perspectives.
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