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March 18 2024

The Impact of EU Pharma Reform on Rare Diseases

EU Pharma Reform

Rare diseases, often overlooked and under-researched, affect a small percentage of the population. However, cumulatively, these diseases affect millions of lives across the European Union. The lack of treatment options for 95% of these diseases highlights a major healthcare challenge. This not only affects the quality of life of patients, but also places a significant burden on their families and the healthcare system as a whole.

The EU pharma reform is a monumental policy overhaul aimed at catalyzing the development of treatments for diseases that have remained in the shadows. The reform’s strategies include incentivizing research and development, addressing shortages, ensuring access in all member states, and encouraging innovation in areas where it’s desperately needed.

The importance of the EU pharma reform cannot be overstated. It is a crucial step towards meeting the unmet medical needs of rare disease patients and ensuring that they no longer remain on the margins of our healthcare system.

To learn more about the EU pharma reform and its impact on rare diseases, read the full factsheet here.

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