Quite every part of the ERN is related to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions. ICT improves and enhances the intrinsic ERN value for the Patients benefit. ICT could allow the sharing of data within and between Centers within the ERN but also – when strategic – among ERNs. ICT is the present and future for the trainig/learning programs for clinicians and a useful media for the patient information. Inasmuch, modern communication would not be possible without taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by ICT. Needless to say, ICT is also a fundamental tool for research and innovation.




Dr. Alessandro PINI (VASCERN App Advisor)

Centro di Cardiogenetica Vascolare, IRCCS Policlinico San Donato, San Donato Milanese, Milano, Italy



Patient Advocate

Asociación HHT España

As a Transversal WG, e-Health works closely with all the RDWGs about every single item and strategy in order to get the target. Similarly, e-Health WG must interact with all the other Transversal WGs to share common strategies and develop a proper basis to support with ICT their activities.

The eHealth WG is working on the following Work Packages:

  • Cross Border Mobile Application (VASCERN App)
  • Pills of Knowledge
  • Availability of Conferences on YouTube
  • Communication and dissemination

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