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VASCERN E-Learning modules are designed to provide comprehensive education on rare vascular diseases. Our goal is to empower healthcare professionals, researchers, students, and patients with knowledge and resources that enhance understanding, diagnosis, management, and research of these complex diseases.

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Patient Follow-up
May 24 2023

Gain insights into the recommended strategies for the long-term follow-up of HHT patients, including psychological follow-up.

May 24 2023

Explore the prevention and specific particularities associated with HHT.

Epidemiology and Genetics
May 24 2023

Explore the epidemiology of HHT, including its prevalence in the population. Delve into the genetic basis of HHT, understanding the genes involved and diagnosis.

Symptoms of HHT
May 24 2023

Learn about the diverse range of symptoms associated with HHT, including recurrent nosebleeds (epistaxis), telangiectasias (small abnormal blood vessels), arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), and other manifestations.

May 24 2023

Petit Pierre et la tâche mystérieuse
March 20 2023

Afin d’informer et d’aider parents, enfants, adolescents et adultes porteurs d’un angiome, les Cliniques Universitaires St-Luc de Bruxelles ont édité une brochure “Petit Pierre et la tâche mystérieuse”.

L’ouvrage est présenté sous forme de questions-réponses fréquemment posées.

VASCERN a le plaisir de vous partager sa version e-book

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