Heritable Thoracic Aortic Diseases (HTAD-WG)

Clinical Trials/Observational Studies

Clinical trials and observational studies are important for advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care. Clinical trials are essential for evaluating the safety and effectiveness of new treatments, while observational studies provide valuable insights into the natural history of diseases and risk factors.

Here are some research studies from the Heritable Thoracic Aortic Diseases Working Group (HTAD-WG)


  • F101 Genomes: HCPs participating: Paris, Ghent, Antwerp, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Hamburg
  • Arrhythmias and cardiac function in heritable thoracic aortic diseases: HCPs participating: Barcelona, Malta, Paris, Ghent, Hamburg, Budapest, Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Innsbruck, Aarhus, Antwerp, Stockholm, Rotterdam, Florence, Egkomi (Cyprus), Luxembourg
  • Comparison of the care of patients in Netherlands and France: HCPs participating: Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam
  • Evaluation of the age at surgery as a function of medical therapy received: HCPs participating: Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam
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