Pediatric and Primary Lymphedema (PPL-WG)

Clinical Trials and Observational Studies

Clinical trials and observational studies are important for advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care. Clinical trials are essential for evaluating the safety and effectiveness of new treatments, while observational studies provide valuable insights into the natural history of diseases and risk factors.

Here are some clinical trials and research studies from the Pediatric and Primary Lymphedema Working Group (PPL-WG)

  • Screening, diagnosing and evaluating lower limb lymphedema (EvaLymph-Leg): October 2021 – October 2024. HCP members who are currently involved: Belgium, the Netherlands. The proposed project aims at developing (based on directly edema-related assessments) a screening, diagnostic and evaluation set for patients with (or at risk for) unilateral or bilateral lower limb lymphedema that can be used in clinical practice. More information here.
  • Compression in patients < 2 years old: a retrospective/prospective study.
  • Comparison of reconstructive surgery versus no surgery, additional to decongestive lymphatic therapy (usual care), for the treatment of lymphoedema, through a multicentre, pragmatic randomised controlled trial – SurLym-trial: December 2020 – December 2026. HCP members who are currently involved: Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland. The aim of this trial is to investigate the added value of reconstructive surgery of the lymphatic system in addition to the conservative treatment, for the treatment of lymphoedema. One of the secondary aims is to compare the effect between patients with primary and patients with secondary lymphoedema. More information here.
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