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February 12 2024

Vascular Anomalies Working Group (VASCA-WG) February Case Discussions

Vascular Anomalies Working Group (VASCA-WG) Case Discussions

The field of vascular anomalies poses unique challenges to healthcare professionals, requiring a multidisciplinary approach for effective diagnosis and management. The monthly patient case discussions organized by the Vascular Anomalies Working Group (VASCA-WG) serve as a platform for healthcare professionals to share insights, discuss challenging cases, and collaborate on reaching a proper diagnosis.

This February, healthcare experts from Austria, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Greece, Norway, and Belgium came together to discuss on three challenging cases: an external case from Greece, and two cases from Spain and Denmark. The CPMS, designed to support the diagnosis, treatment, and management of rare diseases across Europe, proved to be an essential tool in these discussions, enabling the seamless exchange of knowledge and expertise. The involvement of experts from such a wide array of countries enriches the discussion, offering a multitude of perspectives and solutions that might not be available in a more isolated setting.

VASCA February CPMS Discussion

As a reminder, if you are a healthcare professional in Europe you can find out how to submit a guest case to be discussed in the CPMS by VASCERN experts here.

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