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August 30 2023

VASCERN VASCA Network Meeting 2023: Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

VASCA Networking Event 2023

The VASCERN VASCA Networking took place in the historic city of Brussels from 28-29 August, 2023. The event was funded by the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases (EJP RD) and highlighted the importance of collaborating and innovating in the field of vascular anomalies. It brought together multidisciplinary teams from different VASCERN VASCA WG HCPs. These experts are at the forefront of research, treatment and care of patients with vascular anomalies.

Here are highlights from the meeting:

Day One: Kicking off on August 28th, the meeting commenced with an opening address by Miikka Vikkula, setting the tone for a day focused on the purpose of the meeting, an overview of VASCERN’s mission, and updates on EU initiatives and future projects. Attendees participated in round table discussions, delving into the innovative use of the Registry platform for data management and analysis.

The afternoon sessions focused on in-depth exploration of ePAG’s projects, with discussions on best practices and the strategic application of Orphanet codes, culminating in targeted taskforce meetings on topics from gene curation to surgical advancements and the Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS).

Day Two: The next day ushered in sessions dedicated to clinical trials and ongoing research in vascular anomalies, providing updates across specialties and spotlighting the latest in professional practice and public relations. The final hours of the meeting were reserved for forward-looking brainstorming, feedback sessions, and setting specific goals and objectives for the future of VASCA within Europe and in professional organizations worldwide.

Participants had the chance to engage in constructive discussions and workshops, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the field of vascular anomalies. This meeting created an ideal platform for experts to share their insights and experiences.

Congratulations to the VASCA WG on this achievement!

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