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November 03 2016

VASCern Technical Assessment Preliminary Results

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VASCern Project Technical Assessment is going well, preliminary results are the following:

Documentation review: out of 6 HCPs (including the Coordinating Center) selected for documentation review, 5 got positive reports. The HCP which did not receive a positive feedback will be able to provide more evidences in support to the self-assessment once final reports are issued.

VASCern onsite audit: the assessors gave a very positive preliminary feedback following both the VASCern Network and HCP Coordinating Center (Center of Reference (CRMR) for Marfan Syndrome and related Disorders) documentation review as well as on-site audit.

Next steps:

  • Assessors Final reports and official evaluation scores: November, 15th
  • Board of Member States meeting to decide on the ERN label: December, 15th
  • Answer for the Funding of the ERN (FPA and SGA calls): December/January/ February
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