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December 01 2020

VASCERN submits Month 18 SGA Activity Report and CEF Year 3 proposal this month!


November was a busy month for the VASCERN coordination and project management team with the writing and submission of both our Month 18 Activity Report and the CEF Year 3 Proposal!

As a reminder, VASCERN signed a 5 year Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) with the European Commission to receive EU co-funding to support VASCERN’s coordination and networking activities. Under this FPA, we signed a Specific Grant Agreement (SGA) for the third to fifth year of official activities, running from March, 1st 2019 to February, 28th, 2022. The month 18 report therefore includes all the details of the work done during the first 18 months (third to fourth years; from March 2019-August 2020) of this SGA Years 3-5 of operation.

Overall, our first 18 months have been very successful, with lots of valuable
outputs produced, disseminated and made available to the rare vascular disease community in various EU languages. We thank all our members for these excellent results, which reflect our hard work and dedication, particularly under the challenging circumstances of 2020. Our actions will be continued, improved, and further developed during the current period of 18 months of operation (since August 2020 until February 2022)!

We equally submitted our proposal for the Connecting Europe Facility Telecom (CEF-TC)-2020-2 – eHealth call to INEA that we hope will be selected to secure funding for:

1. Continued provision of IT technical support (IT Helpdesk & End User Support)
2. Data collection and validation for the ERN monitoring system
3. ERN e-training and e-learning deliverables
4. Activities to support ERN development, including registries

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