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October 05 2018

VASCERN DAYS 2018 is almost here!


The much anticipated event is almost here: VASCERN Days 2018 will take place next week, from October 11-12, 2018, in Paris, France!

VASCERN’s second annual seminar will be a chance for all of our members to meet face to face and reflect on all of the hard work that has been achieved to date. It will also be the perfect opportunity for all of our members to progress even more on our ongoing projects. 72 healthcare professionals from all of our 31 Healthcare Provider Members as well as European Patient Advocacy Group (ePAG) patient advocates from 15 Patient Organisations will be in attendance at this 2-day annual seminar.

In addition to our Members, several guests have also be invited, including the European Commission (ERN team, ERN IT team), OpenApp, EURORDIS, ORPHANET, FAVA-Multi (The French Network for Rare Vascular Diseases), and the French Ministry of Health.

In total, more than 100 participants are expected!

This year’s event features:

  • Our Board Meeting where the progress of the various InterERN Working groups (e.g. Research, Monitoring) and challenges and needs for ERN sustainability and improvement will be discussed, among many other topics.
  • Two Rare Disease Working Group (RDWG) sessions, of about 4 hours each, where our 5 RDWGs can really advance on the projects of the various work packages.
  • Two parallel Transversal Working Group sessions for our eHealth & Training and Education WG and Patient Registry WG to advance on the VASCERN Mobile App and the FAIR registries, in particular.
  • ePAG meeting for our patient advocates.
  • The filming of 13 new Pills of Knowledge videos plus a VASCERN presentation video!

To read the VASCERN days 2018 programme, click here.

The coordination team can’t wait to welcome all of VASCERN’s members to Paris!

To follow all of the news from this event, make sure to follow our Twitter account as we will be tweeting with the hashtag:





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