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September 15 2016

ERN Assessment Timeline


The VASCern Project proposal including 31 Healthcare Providers Membership applications as well as the network application succeeded the first European Commission eligibility check. This was a first step of the ERN assessment process, which will run until the end of the year so that first ERN labels are delivered in January 2017.

Next steps:

The Independant Assessment Body (IAB) – ACSA (Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality) will conduct an eligibility check followed by a technical assessment. In the framework of the ERN assessment process, both the Network as well as HCPs are to be assessed through documentation reviews, interviews, and lastly, on-site audits.


The IAB must complete the next steps for the assessment process by November, 15th settled by the EC as the limit to provide the Final Reports. The process will take part in 3 stages:

19 Sept – 30 Sept: Second part of the eligibility check for the Network and all related HCP.

1 Oct – 23 Oct: Technical assessment for the Network and a sample of HCP established by EC.

24 Oct – 15 Nov: On-site audit for the Network and a sample of HCP established by EC.

Each stage is followed by a positive or negative assessment.

After these steps led by the IAB, the European Commission will receive the Final reports. The Board of Member States representatives will then assess the ERNs application and assessment reports, and decide on the ERN labelization.

More information here

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