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June 23 2018

Subtitles being added to our PoK videos!

CaptureMarfan subtitles

We are currently adding subtitles to our Pills of Knowledge (PoK) Videos! We hope that by adding subtitles in the various languages of our ERN members, this will allow more people to be able to understand the valuable information in these short videos and therefore reach a wider public across Europe.

So far there are subtitles available:

In Dutch, French, German, Spanish, English and Italian for the Marfan Syndrome Diagnosis PoK by Prof Julie De Backer.

In French for the Hereditary Haemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) PoK by Prof Claire Shovlin.

Subtitles in other European languages will be slowly added to these PoKs and the others that we currently have on our YouTube channel. Make sure to check back frequently to see which new subtitles have been added to your favourite videos.

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