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April 12 2024

PIK3CA Related Conditions (PROS) Research Round Tables

Cloves Syndrome Community

As part of the development of the Patient-Led Collaborative Research Network for PIK3CA Related Conditions (PROS), CLOVES Syndrome Community is launching a new opportunity and space for researchers to connect, share and learn from one another.

The Research Roundtable will meet every other month and will focus on knowledge exchange, feedback on ongoing projects, sharing work and research in progress. It will be moderated by Ralitsa Madsen (Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow, UCL Cancer Institute, UK). Each meeting will feature one 20-minute presentation, with time for questions and discussion, for a total of one hour.

This roundtable is for:

  • Basic and pre-clinical researchers in academia and industry
  • Graduate students
  • CLOVES Syndrome Community funded research grantees
  • Patient advocacy organization leaders

Goals of the roundtable:

  • To accelerate progress in basic PROS research through open knowledge exchange
  • To enable PROS researchers to share positive as well as null results independent of formal publication venues
  • To enable PROS researchers to get feedback on ongoing or planned projects, akin to an international “lab meeting”
  • To foster international collaboration among PROS researchers

Why you should join:

  • Support patient-led collaborations for ultra-rare diseases
  • Because people with rare diseases matter
  • Support Open Science
  • Benefit from expert feedback

Expectations of group members:

  • Active participation (80% attendance)
  • Commitment to minimum one presentation a year
  • Commitment to share ongoing work independent of publication
  • This is a closed-door conversation. All information shared within this meeting is considered confidential unless otherwise specified.

Here are the dates for the upcoming roundtables (11am EST/ 4pm UK)

  • Thursday May 30, 2024
  • Thursday July 25, 2024
  • Thursday September 26, 2024
  • Thursday December 5, 2024

You must register for the roundtable here


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