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February 25 2022

New Pill of Knowledge video on Lymphedema from a teenager’s perspective!

Lymphedema from a teenager's perspective

A new Pill of Knowledge (PoK) video has just been released on the VASCERN Youtube channel entitled Lymphedema from a teenager’s perspective.

This video, created by Lymphido Onlus (Italian Patient Association for Primary Lymphedema, member of the PPL WG ePAG) and validated by the the Pediatric and Primary Lymphedema Working Group (PPL WG), features two teenagers, Laura and Sven, talking about their interests, hobbies and life with lymphedema. The video is in Italian but the subtitles have been translated into English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

This is a great video for young adults and children who are navigating a diagnosis with primary lymphedema as it let’s them know that with proper care and management they can lead normal lives like their peers. We thank Sven and Laura for their participation and as Laura says: “follow your dreams and do what you have always wanted to do!”

Watch the video here

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