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July 02 2024

New Infographic and Coloring Book for Children with Lymphedema


We are excited to announce the release of two valuable resources designed to support children with lymphedema and their caregivers. The Lymphoedema Do’s and Don’ts Infographic and the Lymphoedema Colouring Book are now available online for download:

Caring for a child with lymphedema can be challenging and overwhelming. Effective management of the condition is crucial for preventing complications and improving quality of life. Our Pediatric and Primary Lymphedema (PPL) Working Group has recognized this need and developed resources that are both informative and engaging.

The Lymphoedema Do’s and Don’ts Infographic provides essential tips for managing lymphedema, offering clear, concise guidance on crucial aspects like skin care, infection prevention, and the use of compression garments. This user-friendly infographic is a must-have for parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, ensuring they have immediate access to vital information that can significantly improve the quality of life for children with lymphedema.

Complementing the infographic, the Lymphoedema Colouring Book engages children in a fun and educational way. Through interactive activities, this coloring book teaches children about the importance of skin care, compression therapy, and other key practices in managing lymphedema. By turning learning into play, this resource empowers children with the knowledge they need to take an active role in their health care.

These resources are currently available in English, with more languages coming soon to reach and assist a broader audience. Developed and validated by our PPL Working Group, these tools exemplify the group’s dedication to improving lymphedema care through expert knowledge and practical advice.

Help us spread the word! Share these resources with anyone who could benefit. Together, we can improve the lives of children with lymphedema and their families.

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