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March 08 2024

International Women’s Day 2024: Spotlight on the women of VASCERN

International Women's Day VASCERN

On International Women’s Day 2024, VASCERN is proud to spotlight the women at the heart of our mission to tackle rare vascular diseases. This diverse group of healthcare professionals, patient advocates and the wider patient community have been fundamental in advancing our understanding and treatment of these diseases. Today, we honour their resilience, innovation and commitment.

Almost 70 % of the global health workforce and 78 % of health workers in the EU are women. Female healthcare professionals in VASCERN are at the forefront of medical progress in rare vascular diseases. Their work, from clinical trials to the development of new therapeutic approaches, are paving the way for significant progress in the field. With their deep expertise and commitment to patient care, these women are not only part of the conversation, they are leading it, inspiring future generations of women in science and medicine.

The women patient advocates within VASCERN are instrumental in shaping health care systems and networks like ours that are more inclusive and more responsive. By drawing attention to the specific challenges faced by people with rare vascular diseases, they ensure that patient perspectives are integral to research and care discussions. Their advocacy has led to greater awareness, improved patient resources and a stronger community of support, emphasising the importance of patient-centred care. We are grateful for their work in VASCERN.

We also honour women living with rare vascular diseases, whose journeys of resilience and courage show the daily challenges of living with a rare vascular disease. These women are not only fighters, but also sources of inspiration. Their experiences fuel a deeper understanding of rare vascular diseases and underscore the importance of compassion, support and targeted research to improve patient outcomes.

Looking to the future, VASCERN reaffirms its commitment to advancing research and improving care for those affected by rare vascular diseases. The contributions of women within VASCERN highlight the power of collaboration and the importance of diverse perspectives to achieve this goal. Thank you for all that you do!

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