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February 05 2019

Give blood for the #myHHTvalentine campaign!


Started by the patient organisation HHT Onlus in Italy 5 years ago, the #myHHTvalentine campaign is back this year with the aim to raise awareness for Hereditary Haemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) by encouraging blood donations from February 1st until Valentine’s Day (February 14th).

HHT is an inherited disease of the blood vessels most commonly manifesting with nosebleeds and red spots (called telangiectasias) on the lips, fingertips and tongue as well as, in some, arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) in other parts of the body (e.g. lungs, liver and brain), that can lead to more serious complications if left untreated. As blood loss from
nosebleeds and gastrointestinal telangiectasia may result in anemia, patients with HHT may require blood transfusions as a part of their treatment. Blood donations are therefore a very important gift for patients with HHT.

So, instead of giving flowers or chocolates to your Valentine this year, give the gift of blood, take a picture (holding one of the banners that can be downloaded from the HHT organisations listed below) and share the picture (using the hashtag #myHHTvalentine) on Facebook in order to help patients with HHT and to spread awareness on this rare disease.

For more information on the #myHHTValentine campaign, you can visit the campaign information pages of the various European HHT patient organisations (who are represented in the VASCERN ePAG group) that are participating in this campaign, such as:

HHT Onlus (In Italian) here

HHT Ireland (in English) here

Amro HHT France (in French) here

HHT España (in spanish) here

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