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April 25 2024

European Parliament adopts the European Health Data Space (EHDS)

European Health Data Space

The European Parliament has officially adopted the European Health Data Space (EHDS). This is one of the two cornerstones of a strong European Health Union which protects the health of citizens and improves the resilience of healthcare systems.

This groundbreaking initiative, put forward by the Commission in May 2022, has two main aims:

  • to place citizens at the centre of their healthcare, granting them full control over their data, with the goal of achieving better healthcare across the EU;
  • to allow the use of health data for research and public health purposes, under strict conditions.






Thanks to the new rules, citizens will benefit from immediate and simple access to their digital health data when in the EU, regardless of their location. For instance, when a patient seeks healthcare abroad, healthcare professionals will be able, when necessary, to access key information from the patient’s home Member State. This will improve evidence-based decision makingreduce repetition of tests and examinations and enhance patient care.

The EHDS also establishes a strong legal framework for the re-use of health data for research, innovation and public health purposes in full compliance with strict EU data security and access criteria, fundamental rights and cybersecurity rules. The data will help develop life-saving treatments and personalised medicines and improve European crisis preparedness.

The Council of the European Union will now formally adopt the new European Health Data Space regulation which is expected to be published in the Official Journal in autumn. It will then become applicable in different stages according to use case and data type.

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