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November 02 2016

European Joint Programme project on Rare Diseases


In the framework of the preparation of the Horizon 2020 calls for 2018-2020 (Societal Challenge 1, Health, Demographic change and Well-being), the European Commission has launched a Consultative Group on the European Joint Programme (EJP) project for Rare Diseases, which held its first meeting  in October. Discussion are ongoing to design the future EJP on Rare Diseases by the beginning of next year in order for this project to be included in the future H2020 Work Programme.

A European Joint Programme is a Horizon 2020 Co-fund action designed to support coordinated national research and innovation programmes. 

The EJP on Rare Diseases would be the continuation of the current EraNet Cofund E-Rare 3 for the research part. The cooperation between EJP, ERNs and existing structures such as ORPHANET and JRC (Rare Diseases platform) would be very developed with regard to registries, interoperability. In terms of results dissemination, ERNs would be also involved and beneficiary.

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