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January 20 2018

EU Health 2018 funding for ERNs & Rare Diseases


The European Commission has adopted the 2018 Annual Workplan for the 3rd EU Public Health Programme. EU Funding and calls linked to the European Reference Networks and Rare Diseases are the following:

  • OrphaCodes, to support the implementation of OrphaCodes for rare diseases by Member States – EUR 750 000 (p. 16)
  • Multiannual Specific Grant Agreements to support ERNs Coordination for 3 years under 5 years Framework Partnership Agreement (2019-2021) –  EUR 13 800 000 (600 000 euros/ ERNs for 3 years) (p. 17)
  • Direct Grant to Orphanet – EUR 2 640 000 (p. 37)
  • Direct grant to ERN EuroGen for to support ERN Coordination for 3 years (not under FPA)- EUR 600 000 (p. 40)
  • Assessment of Healthcare Providers wishing to join established ERNs by an Independant Assessment Body (pp. 62-63)
  • ERN Implementation by the European Commission including coordination, capacity building, communication, exchange of information and best practices, other support actions (pp. 64-66)
  • Direct grant to the Joint Research Center to continue the development of the European Platform on Rare Diseases Registration (EU RD Platform) (pp. 70-71)

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