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June 22 2016

ERN IT Platform Tender


The Tender for the ERN IT Platform, “Scalable software as a service (SaaS) for a clinical patient management system to support European reference networks” – was launched on Friday, 17th. The procurement documents are available here.

This competitive dialogue is designed to provide the contracting authority with a clinical patient management system to support networks in the diagnosis and treatment of rare or low-prevalence complex diseases or conditions across national borders in the European Union. The services required are scalable software as a service (SaaS), with project management, maintenance, integration, customisation and support of a set of single, secure Web-based information systems for the hosting, sharing and cross-border exchange of sensitive data and information. The SaaS should provide shared components for use by all networks with the capacity to be customised to meet the specific needs of individual networks (or group(s) of networks).

Deadline: 19/07/2016

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