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August 20 2018

Cross-ERN task force on e-histopathology

Capturetask force

EpiCare and ERKNet have joined forces to create a cross-ERN e-histopathology task force! This new task force aims to create a digital pathology database in order to tackle rare diseases.

ERN partners engaged in the histopathology (and tissue-based molecular-genetic) work-up of rare diseases are encouraged to join!

The first web-conference of this task force will take place during the first week of September (at 4-5 PM). A Dooodle has been set up in order to find the date that suits the most participants.  Interested ERN partners can complete the Doodle here.

For further information on this initiative, please contact Jan Becker at jan.becker@uk-koeln.de or Ingmar Blümcke at Bluemcke@uk-erlangen.de

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