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February 21 2024

Apply for the VASCERN Exchange Program

ERN exchange

VASCERN is at the forefront of enhancing healthcare outcomes across Europe, particularly for patients with rare vascular diseases. Within this framework, the Exchange Program is an initiative aimed at improving the skills and knowledge base of healthcare professionals within the network. This program offers a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to immerse themselves in a different clinical environment and exchange invaluable medical insights and best practices.

Objectives of the Exchange Program

This program has two main objectives:

  • Improving medical knowledge through provision of trainings for healthcare professionals
  • Sharing best practices, in particular involving the organization of multidisciplinary teams (MDT), to improve the medical care, management and efficiency of all our HCPs.

This program focuses on clinical knowledge and practice rather than research exchange.

Eligibility and Participation:

The program is open to Affiliated Partners or Full Members of VASCERN and encourages the participation of both experienced healthcare professionals and junior staff from their centers. Participants may travel alone or with colleagues.

Program Overview:

Running until September 2027, the program facilitates visits to expert centers within VASCERN or other ERNs, with a focus on exchanges within the EU. VASCERN offers 42 packages of 4 days each. While transportation and accommodation are organized and covered by VASCERN, participants are responsible for their local transportation and food expenses, with a reimbursement system in place depending on the host country.

How to Apply:

Interested healthcare professionals should contact the VASCERN Coordination Team at vascern.coordination@aphp.fr for detailed application procedures and eligibility criteria.

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