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VASCERN 1st Annual Seminar 2017


he VASCERN 1st annual seminar will take place in Paris on October 13-14th! This event will gather 80 participants, including all our Members for the first time!


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All our 31 Healthcare Providers Members will be represented by 1 or 2 representatives. 12 Patient Organisations, Members of our Patient Group (ePAG), will be represented as well.

Besides our Members, several VASCERN stakeholders (including the European Commission (ERN team, ERN IT team), ERN Board of Member States French representative, EURORDIS, FAIR Database, the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases Research, ORPHANET, RD-Action) will be here.

On October 13th, it will be the first face-to-face gathering of all VASCERN Members since the official launch in Vilnius. This will be the opportunity to discuss:

  • The structure and the functionning of the network since March, 2017;
  • The state of play with regard to the implementation of our 1st year action plan (March 2017-February 2018);
  • The patient involvement within VASCERN, in cooperation with EURORDIS;
  • The achievements, challenges and opportunities for ERNs;
  • The VASCERN Terms of Reference during the official VASCERN Board meeting.

On October 14th, the five VASCERN Rare Disease Working Groups will held parallel working sessions in the morning.

In the afternoon, the transversal WGs on eHealth-Training & Education and on Patient Registry will gather.

Programme available here

Stay tuned to get the latest news about our 1st Annual Seminar!

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