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First Central-Eastern European Marfan Symposium


The first Central-Eastern European Marfan Symposium, organised by our HCP Member, Prof. Zoltán Szabolcs, MD; and Dr Kálmán Benke, MD, PhD; Heart and Vascular Center, Semmelweis University, Budapest, will take place on October 26th, 2018 in Budapest, Hungary.

Prof Guillaume Jondeau, VASCERN Coordinator, will present VASCERN and the HTAD-WG at this event.

(1) European Reference Network for Vascular Diseases (VASCERN)
Prof. Guillaume Jondeau, MD; Director, Heart Failure Unit, Cardiology Department, Claude Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital, Paris Director, Centre de référence sur le syndrome de Marfan et apparentés

Prof Julie De Backer, VASCERN HTAD-WG Chair, will be also in attendance and present:

(8) Marfan cardiomyopathy
Prof. Julie De Backer, MD; Centrum Medische Genetica, Gent

Prof. Jolien Roos-Hesselink, from our HCP Member Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, HTAD-WG Member, will also be presenting:

(11) Pregnancy in Marfan syndrome
Prof. Jolien Roos-Hesselink, MD; Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

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