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Aortic Disease Awareness Day 2019


September 19th is Aortic Awareness Day (AD-Day): a day dedicated to raising awareness for aortic diseases!  Aortic Disease Awareness events are planned and hosted by hospitals and organizations in many countries around the world.

Within VASCERN, aortic diseases are covered by the Heritable Thoracic Aortic Diseases (HTAD) working group, which also includes diseases such as Marfan syndrome. Increasing awareness of these rare disorders is therefore essential in order to properly identify and diagnose these patients and provide them with the proper management and treatment plans.

Members of VASCERN will be present at an event organised by Dr. Alessandro Pini, Dr. Roberto Chiesa and Dr. Germano Melissano at San Raffaele Hospital, in Milan, Italy. The video featuring our coordinator (and HTAD-WG Co-Chair), Prof. Guillaume Jondeau and Lise Murphy (ePAG Co-chair for HTAD) entitled how VASCERN: how can it help you? will be viewed along with a video intitled The role of patients in the ERNs. Paolo Federici, ePAG advocate for Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT), will also give a presentation entitled EPAG: patients’ point of view. Many other interesting presentations are expected all day long. Take a look at the program here

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To learn more about the other events organised around the world, refer to the list of events.

You can also follow all the latest news on AD Awareness Day 2019 at the Facebook page of Aortic Disease Awareness Day.

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