VASCern Eligibility for Technical Assessment

Following the eligibility check by the European Commission, the Independant Assessment Body (ACSAAgencia de Calidad Sanitaria de Andalousia) has notified VASCern and its 31 HCP Member Applicants of their eligibility for the Technical Assessment. The documentation review has started for the Network and a sample of HCPs selected.

ERNs Approval Timeline – Next steps: 

Oct, 1st – Oct, 23rd: Technical assessment for the Network and a sample of HCPs

Oct, 24th – Nov, 15th: On-site audit for the Network and a sample of HCPs

November 16th – December / January: The Board of Member States representatives will analyse the ACSA assessment reports and decide on the ERNs approvals.

February 2017: answer from the European Commission regarding the funding calls (Framework Partnership Agreement and Specific Grant Agreement) for the ERNs which were labelized

March 2017: the European Commission has planned a ERNs kick-off meeting in Vilnius

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