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  • Wed

    VASCERN Webinar: Infections and Lymphedema

    5:00PM-6:00PM (CET)Zoom Webinar

    VASCERN will hold a webinar on Wednesday March 24th from 5:00-6pm CET on the topic of Infections and Lymphedema with Pediatric and Primary Lymphedema Working-Group (PPL-WG) members Dr. Kirsten VAN DUINEN, Dr. Tanja PLANINŠEK RUČIGAJ, Manuela LOURENÇO MARQUES (ePAG Deputy Co-Chair for PPL) and Pernille HENRIKSEN (ePAG Co-Chair for PPL).

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    This webinar will include an informative presentation followed by a Q&A session, featuring questions collected from the PPL patient community! Don't miss it!

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