New Pill of Knowledge video gives a Mother’s perspective on Genetic Testing and Primary Lymphedema

A new Pill of Knowledge (PoK) video by the Pediatric and Primary Lymphedema Working Group (PPL WG) has just been released on our Youtube channel! It is entitled Genetic Testing for primary lymphedema – a mother’s perspective and features Carina Mainka, ePAG patient advocate for the PPL WG and representative for the German Patient Association KIF11 Kids e.V.

This video is a great resource for families with primary lymphedema as Carina shares her view on the importance of genetic testing, receiving proper genetic counseling and the benefits of reaching out to a patient association for support.

The video is in German but subtitles are available in German, English, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish, Dutch and Danish. We thank the members of the PPL WG and ePAG patient advocates of the PPL WG for providing the translations of these subtitles in their native languages.

The PPL-WG has several other PoKs destined for patients in the works, so stay tuned. As a reminder, you can find all the videos from the PPL-WG here.

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