Eurordis reports alert over discrimination in critical care guidelines during COVID-19 pandemic and proposes concrete solutions

Eurordis has released a new statement following reports from member organisations and individuals that people living with a rare disease are being discriminated against in critical care guidelines designed to steer emergency/ ICU doctors in the prioritisation of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

” EURORDIS anticipates a high aggravation of risk for people living with a rare disease in the coming weeks in countries where the level of patients with severe symptoms will soon exceed ICU bed and respiratory aid capacities. According to our initial analysis, this could be the case in Belgium, France, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain.”

Their statement also includes special measures and proposals to medical bodies, national health authorities, as well as healthcare providers on the ground fighting against COVID-19 in order to protect the rare disease population. These proposals should help healthcare providers to avoid discrimination against people living with a rare disease and provide optimal care during this crisis.

Read the full statement here

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